Stop Growing…

Have you ever had those moments as a parent where you just sit and stare at your child thinking “when did you grow up?” Well I had one of those moments today as my son was watching his songs on youtube. Parents, if you want to put on a playlist of fun songs for your toddler that they can actually learn from, check out super simple songs!

It truly feels like yesterday that he was born and at only 18 months old it is such a strange thing to see the huge transition he has gone through in that short period of time. As every parent is, I’m memorized with my son and how he just learns and grows every single day. I could honestly photograph him all day. I love that Cayden shows so much expression! He definitely never stops moving, I think that’s a boy thing.

It’s funny because I feel like time has gone by too fast and that with a blink of an eye he is turning into a young boy. But I also feel that there has been so much that has happened in that short period of time, and therefore feeling like forever. I can’t wait to capture every single milestone along the way.

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living,
my baby you’ll be.”

-Robert Munsch, Love You Forever



I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah a few weeks ago and meeting her mom, aunt, and grandma as well! Geez, talk about baby fever! She was the CUTEST! Even at 3 weeks old she was such a trooper and we got a lot of those cute sleeping newborn pictures in. I enjoyed my time getting to know Maura and her family. I appreciated their patience as we worked on Hannah’s schedule. And even with a few little speed bumps, we were able to produce some beautiful pictures! Oh and how cute is that little bunny that Aunt Julie got Hannah with all her birth information, love it! Thanks for allowing me to photograph your sweet baby girl Maura. Congratulations on your first child and hope you enjoy some rest soon! 😉