First Bridal Show- N.E.S. Bridal Expo at Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia

On Sunday February 28, 2016 I attended my first bridal expo at the Harrah’s Casino in Philadelphia. The event was held by N.E.S. Bridal expo with over 560 registered brides attending! There was such a great turn out and I loved meeting and talking to all the brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and family that stopped by my booth.

My vision for my booth was to make it an experience for the brides and grooms to be. I wanted it to feel welcoming where they could come and sit down, watch a slideshow of past wedding and engagements, and check out our wedding albums. I brought elements from home in to pull off the look. The couch was such a great idea but a PAIN trying to lug it from the parking garage, up the elevator, and all the way to the hall! I had a tv showing my slideshow and tables with more displays. I also had a raffle for a free engagement shoot!

I would like to start by saying that this display was a serious team effort and I could have never done it without the amazing people I had to help. I would like to start with Martin Jensen, who took  my Pinterest wooden board idea and brought it to life. What an amazing display! I love how portable it is, with two end pieces and then each board just slides right into place panel by panel. I then painted it black and I found some cool gold metallic chevron wall decals at Target to add an extra touch to it. I also got this amazing custom laser cut wood sign off Etsy from AnneLayne Too site, who I definitely recommend. She was so helpful with creating this and always responded in a timely manner! I wanted to have the sun part of my sign stick out so I got yellow strip lighting and glued it into the inner part of the sign so it would shine at the show.

Next I made a pvc frame that was originally supposed to be wrapped with black tulle but unfortunately with trying to get all these pieces into the expo I ran out of time to get that done. I made the frame so I could hang flowers from it to give it a special look. I got a great deal on carnations from and I found the hanging flower idea again on Pinterest. I thought this would be an easy project but thankfully I had Rochelle Jensen there to help me as it definitely became a tedious project trying to string flowers onto fishing line with a needle. I even had my niece Mia give me a hand by putting the flowers into rows of 7 in a pattern of white and yellow- hey I guess it turned into a teaching moment!

expo 2

On my display board I wanted to show potential clients that you can do so much more with enlarging pictures other than the traditional canvases. I decided to print pictures onto metal, glass, slate, wood, and canvases. I used different websites for each material I printed on. I just love the way the pictures are so crystal clear on the glass, metal, and slate! I think that it is so unique to have these images printed on different mediums. For all of my photo books I use Artisan State who I LOVE. My sample I brought was made with a crystal cover and leather back. I always go with thick rigid pages and I chose to use glossy paper with a metallic ink. It really pops and looks absolutely beautiful. I also wanted to mention EcoFlower who makes flower bouquets from recycled materials such as wood. They are so cool, unique, and BEAUTIFUL, so if you ever need artificial flowers this is definitely the way to go.


expo 1

For the giveaways I wanted to think of something that would be unique and not the standard items like pens and stickers. I decided to go with custom cookies with my logo displayed on them. Thank you to Butterscotch Divas and Nicole Lucas for making all 250 of these beautiful treats all the way from Florida! I also had custom chapsticks made from Totally Promotional. I went with a yellow (tropical flavor) organic wax chapstick to match my color scheme. I had rack cards made with pictures of past clients with a little description of myself and my business on the back so people can know more about who they are hiring! A huge thank you to Eric Jensen for designing all of my materials, including my new logo, banner, rack cards, and wedding package display. He did an AMAZING job making everything flow together and giving me exactly what I wanted.

expo 3

Lastly I also want to thank Joe Staiber for all of his business help, our business meeting was so insightful! Thank you to my wonderful ladies that came to the show to help me battle the crowds, Steph May and Vanessa Candelaria, you ladies were amazing. And lastly to my lovely boyfriend Tom Jensen for allowing me the time to go from a concept/vision to this final project in 30 days. He watched my always on the go son so I could really focus on creating this. I was so excited that my son, boyfriend, mother and grandma in law, and niece all showed up to show their support. My family rocks!


What a wonderful day at the expo and I can’t wait to see what consultations I will have booked in the near future. Here’s to an amazing wedding season!


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